The Keystone of Vaping: A Dive into Keystone Vape

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Meet Keystone Vape, the brainchild of three vaping superheroes who decided the world needed more flavor and less fuss. Picture this: Frank Fan, the vape industry’s equivalent of Tony Stark, hails from Shenzhen and has been crafting top-notch e-cigarettes since 2015. He’s the genius who turned Ammo into China’s vaping heavyweight back in 2018. Teaming up with Frank is Forest, whose name is as cool as his credentials. Since 2012, he’s been importing and creating iconic vape brands like a modern-day Marco Polo of e-cigarettes. Last but not least, there’s Jeff, the tech wizard who spent 14 years at Kanger, accumulating patents like Pokémon cards. Together, these three launched Keystone in August 2022, with a mission to redefine your vaping experience. So, strap in and get ready to explore a world where every puff is packed with innovation and a dash of humor, courtesy of Keystone Vape.

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Introduction to Keystone

Company Founder Introduction

Keystone Vape, an emerging star in the vaping industry, has a fascinating backstory filled with innovation, dedication, and a touch of humor. Founded in August 2022, Keystone is the brainchild of three vaping visionaries: Frank Fan, Forest, and Jeff. Frank Fan, a seasoned veteran in the e-cigarette world, has been making waves since 2015 in Shenzhen, China – the vaping capital of the world. With the successful launch of Ammo in 2018, Frank set his sights on global domination with Keystone in 2022. He’s not just a founder; he’s the guy who knows how to turn clouds into gold.

Then there’s Forest, a man with a name as poetic as his journey in the e-cigarette industry. Since 2012, Forest has been introducing top-tier brands like Savinelli from Italy to China and creating his own Chinese brands. He’s the kind of guy who makes you believe that even your vape has a pedigree. In 2018, he brought us VAZO for ZIPPO, and by 2022, he was all in with Keystone. Forest’s story is one of perseverance and innovation, making him a legend in the Chinese vaping market.

Last but not least, we have Jeff, the tech wizard of the trio. With a career starting in 2007, Jeff’s been the brain behind countless technological advancements at Kanger, driving the company to incredible sales heights and securing hundreds of patents. His collaboration with Frank since 2016 has been a match made in vaping heaven. By 2022, Jeff joined the Keystone relaunch, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a knack for groundbreaking inventions.

The Company’s Launch

Keystone officially opened its doors in August 2022, marking a new era in the vaping industry. The company’s foundation is built on the combined expertise of its founders, each bringing unique skills and experiences to the table. This dream team is set on redefining vaping standards and making Keystone a household name across the globe.

Product Lines

Disposable Vape

Keystone’s disposable vape line is like the fast food of the vaping world – convenient, satisfying, and always there when you need it. Leading the charge is the GOZILA 20000, boasting an impressive puff count that could probably last through an apocalypse. Then there’s the CRATER 12000, designed for those who want a deep, immersive vaping experience. And let’s not forget the DIAMOND 10000, which promises to make you feel like royalty with every puff. These disposable vapes are perfect for vapers who crave variety and convenience without compromising on quality.

Each of these products showcases Keystone’s commitment to innovation. They’re not just throwaway devices; they’re meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance. With advanced mesh coil technology, these vapes provide a stable, long-lasting experience. So whether you’re at a party or just relaxing at home, Keystone’s disposable vapes are your trusty companions.

Pod System Vape

For the more committed vaper, Keystone’s pod system vapes are the perfect match. The SHIELD Pod System stands as a fortress of flavor and durability, offering a robust vaping experience. The ARK LUXURY Pod System is the epitome of sophistication, designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. And for the minimalists out there, the ARK LITE Pod System offers simplicity without sacrificing performance.

These pod systems are not just about looks; they’re packed with technological advancements that ensure a superior vaping experience. The professional flavorist team at Keystone works tirelessly to ensure that each puff is a burst of delightful flavor, perfectly matched to the device. It’s like having a gourmet chef for your taste buds.

Innovation and Technology

Mesh Coil Marvels

Keystone’s mesh coil technology is like the secret sauce in your favorite burger – it’s what makes everything better. Made from synthesized metal, these coils offer a more stable and longer-lasting vaping experience. It’s like having a vape that’s always in its prime, delivering consistent performance and flavor.

The mesh coils are a testament to Keystone’s dedication to quality and innovation. They ensure that every puff is as good as the last, making your vaping experience smooth and enjoyable. It’s vaping, but better.

Top E-Liquid Ingredients

Keystone’s e-liquids are crafted from the finest natural ingredients, ensuring a clean and pure vaping experience. Synthesized from non-polluting monomer raw materials, these e-liquids are as kind to the environment as they are to your taste buds. It’s a win-win situation.

With a professional flavorist team at the helm, Keystone ensures that each e-liquid perfectly matches the device, delivering fresh and delightful flavors with every puff. And with a new nicotine salt formula, you get a remarkable hit with low nicotine, offering more enjoyment with less addiction. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Invention Patents

With a product R&D team of thirty people, Keystone is a powerhouse of innovation. The company holds numerous patents, including the first large cigarette smoke, the first glass oil tank, the first transparent oil tank, and the first ceramic core development. These innovations are a testament to Keystone’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

Keystone’s technological advancements are not just about creating something new; they’re about improving the vaping experience for everyone. With over 500 innovations and inventions, Keystone is at the forefront of the vaping industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Mission and Vision of Keystone


Keystone’s mission is clear: to reshape the future of the vaping industry through continuous innovation and exemplary craftsmanship. The company is dedicated to delivering premium quality products and services that not only meet but exceed the expectations of adult consumers. It’s a mission that’s all about making the world a better place, one puff at a time.

Keystone’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials and sustainable production methods is a big part of this mission. The company aims to make a positive contribution to society and the environment, setting a benchmark in the vaping industry. It’s about doing good while looking good.


Keystone’s vision is to become a global leader in the vaping field, setting the standard not just in product quality and technological innovation, but also in customer service and industry responsibility. The company envisions creating a healthier, safer smoking alternative that minimizes environmental impact and positively influences society. It’s a vision that’s as ambitious as it is noble.

Keystone’s goal is to perpetually advance, offering adult consumers a better lifestyle choice through its products and practices. The company believes that vaping is not just a product, but a force for social progress and environmental stewardship. It’s a vision that’s all about making the world a better place, one vape at a time.


Keystone Vape, founded in August 2022, is a brand born from the collaboration of three vaping visionaries: Frank Fan, Forest, and Jeff. Frank, the mastermind from Shenzhen, has been a force in the e-cigarette industry since 2015, transforming Ammo into a major player. Forest, the pioneer of top-tier vape brands since 2012, brought his expertise in brand creation and innovation. Jeff, the tech guru with a decade-long career at Kanger, brought his wealth of patents and inventions to the table. Together, they have crafted a brand that offers an exceptional vaping experience with products like the GOZILA 20000 and ARK LUXURY Pod System. Keystone is not just about quality and innovation; it’s about creating a healthier, more sustainable future for vaping enthusiasts around the world.