Keystone Church: A Beacon of Faith and Community

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In the heart of our community lies Keystone Church, a place where faith and fellowship converge to create life-changing experiences. Founded in 2004 by Brandon and Susan Thomas, Keystone has grown from humble beginnings into a vibrant congregation committed to spreading the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. This article delves into the compelling story of Keystone Church, its core values, and foundational beliefs that guide its mission and the lives of its members.

The Story of Keystone Church

The journey of Keystone Church began with a divine vision received by Brandon and Susan Thomas. With a profound calling to lead people into a passionate relationship with Jesus, they launched Keystone Church in their home. Rapid growth soon propelled the congregation from their living room to larger venues, each move marked by the community’s unwavering faith and dedication.

Brandon Thomas, Keystone’s founding and Senior Pastor, brings a deep love for the scripture and an innovative approach to ministry. His academic achievements and pastoral work reflect a commitment to connecting people with the church in meaningful ways. Susan Thomas complements this leadership with her extensive experience in counseling and teaching, making significant contributions to the church’s mission and the broader community.

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Keystone Church’s Values

Transformation Through Jesus

Keystone Church stands on the belief that lives are profoundly changed through a relationship with Jesus. This transformative power drives the church’s mission, aiming to bring about personal and communal renewal.

Upholding the Bible’s Authority

At Keystone, the Bible is the cornerstone of truth and guidance. The congregation is rooted in the teachings of the scripture, seeking wisdom and direction from God’s word in all aspects of life.

A Culture of Worship

Worship is a vibrant and integral part of Keystone’s community life. The church fosters an environment where praise and worship become a dynamic, shared experience that deepens the connection with God.

Unity and Fellowship

Keystone Church values the sense of belonging and community it provides. Emphasizing that every individual matters, the church is committed to growing as a family where everyone feels at home.

Excellence in Service

Keystone believes in bringing one’s best to God and others. This principle is reflected in their dedication to excellence, creativity, and hard work in all church endeavors.

The Joy of Faith

Recognizing that faith and fun are not mutually exclusive, Keystone embraces the joyous side of spiritual life. The church is dedicated to creating enjoyable and uplifting experiences that celebrate God’s love.

Living with Passion

Passion is the heartbeat of Keystone Church. Inspired by God’s love and generosity, the church community actively serves and gives, embodying the passionate spirit of their faith.

What Keystone Church Believes

Keystone Church firmly grounds itself in the fundamental principles of Christianity, emphasizing a profound reverence for the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This theological cornerstone shapes every aspect of the church’s teachings, worship, and community life. The Apostles’ Creed, a historic statement of Christian belief, is not just recited but lived out within the Keystone community. This commitment to core Christian doctrines ensures that the message of Christ’s love, redemption, and grace is central to all church activities, providing a solid foundation for believers to grow in their faith and understanding.

Moreover, Keystone Church holds the Bible in the highest regard, recognizing it as the divinely inspired and flawless Word of God. This deep respect for scripture influences all the church’s teachings and decisions, as it is considered the supreme guide for moral conduct, spiritual growth, and understanding God’s will. Members of Keystone are encouraged to delve into the Bible, not just as a religious text, but as a living document that offers timeless wisdom, direction for life’s challenges, and the ultimate roadmap to salvation. This adherence to biblical authority ensures that the community remains anchored in truth and equipped to navigate the complexities of life with faith and confidence.


Keystone Church is more than just a place of worship; it is a community united by faith, love, and the desire to live out the teachings of Jesus Christ. Through dynamic leadership, strong values, and unwavering belief, Keystone continues to touch lives and inspire a deeper, more meaningful connection with God. Whether you’re seeking spiritual growth, fellowship, or a way to serve, Keystone Church welcomes all with open arms and a promise of a transformative journey in faith.